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Harrow College Employability Academy

19th October 2017

Application deadline 17th October 2017

Employability & Career Coaching

Work with Apprentice Winner Lee McQueen!

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About Raw Talent

Raw Talent is a recruitment and training organisation founded by Entrepreneur Lee McQueen - who also won BBC TV Show The Apprentice before working for Lord Suger for over two years. Founded in 2011, Raw Talent has been teaming up with Harrow College for the past 6 years to hold the Employability Academy! Mentoring students just like YOU!

The Employability Academy

Harrow College is the only place in the UK where you can take part in the Employability Academy. This is once in a lifetime opportunity to work with Lee McQueen and his team. Mentoring and helping you to develop your skills in work, life, college and university, if you choose to go. The Employability Academy will only run once in this college year... so this is your only chance to be a part of a unique learning experience!

How will it benefit YOU?

  • In-depth training from BBC Apprentice winner Lee McQueen
  • Detailed feedback¬†
  • Tips to help you get into university and find jobs
  • Looks good on your CV
  • Make new friends and connections
  • Gain more business skills¬†
  • Opportunity to win paid summer internship
  • Build up your confidence¬†


The first step on your journey is to APPLY! This process is run exactly the same way huge organisations and brands - think Nike, Tesco, Virgin Media - hire their staff. This is your chance to experience that process BUT you will receive full and detailed feedback on how to improve so when you do apply to Adidas, Barclays or Red Bull you know what to do to stand out!


After applying, you will be asked to attend a face-to-face interview. Again you will receive feedback on how well you perform. You will be asked questions such as "why did you apply to Raw Talent?" and "what do you want to achieve after college?" But don't worry, there is no wrong answer!

Audition Day

After the interview stage, 50 students will be invited to an 'Audition Day'. If you have ever watched 'The Apprentice' on BBC it will be exactly like that, just in one day instead of 12 weeks! (and with no cameras following you around!)

Training Course

The final stage is an eight-part training course which includes CV writing, interview techniques, self-motivation, goal setting, organisation, research and knowledge, positive thinking and entrepreneurship.


Over 20 Harrow College students have secured paid Summer internships as part of the Employability Academy. Some have worked for Raw Talent, while others have worked for the 50 biggest organisations in the UK. The Internships are only offered to students who show; dedication in attending all the days, a willingness to learn and be involved, a supportive attitude to other students and PASSION!

Student Impressions


"The experience I managed to get by participating the programme cannot compare with anything else. The fact that the course was led by such successful people made me more motivated and even more eager to learn and participate."

Yumis, Science Student

"Raw Talent's Employability Academy is one of the most life changing experiences I have had! It has increased my confidence and changed the way I look at future jobs and opportunities."

Sumayyah , A-Level Humnaities Student

"The employability academy has helped me in numerous ways. It has helped me gain the confidence that I need to do a job interview and build a CV that makes me stand out from the crowd."

Tauheed, ICT Student

19th October 2017

08:00 - 16:00

Enterprise Centre

Harrow on the Hill Campus


For the Audition Day:

  • Dress smart
  • Make sure you arrive on time
  • Research is key!
  • Your teachers will know you will be missing class... but let them know as well
  • Get Involved! Speak up, share your ideas, ask questions, build friendships
  • Be positive & believe in yourself

The Employability Academy


Soraya Stuart


01753 910 388

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