A ‘grow your own talent’ strategy must include a robust way to source & assess candidates with the best attitude.

Sourcing is one of 3 core pillars required for a successful ‘grow your own talent’ strategy, & can be undertaken independently via job boards, or through a specialist recruitment firm that’s focused on finding candidates with a certain skill set that is aligned to business need & culture.

Considering the ‘Hire for attitude, & train for skill’ recommendations of the Harvard Business School, an effective competency based assessment process ensures individual candidates possess the desired behaviours & competencies needed to succeed within an individual organisation.

But it doesn’t stop there! Once you have recruited, you then need to onboard effectively. A successful onboarding process forms another pillar within the ‘grow your own talent’ strategy & should be viewed as an onboarding experience rather than a process.

The onboarding experience for a recruit is critical in creating the right first impression. It’s also arguably the part that requires the most effort, creating a great on-boarding experience requires buy-in from across the organisation & is made-up of many elements:

- Physical environment
- People (at all levels)
- Processes
- Technology
- Training
- Goals
- Feedback

By thinking of onboarding as an experience it opens a wider & much more comprehensive discussion, which ultimately leads to a much better & engaging programme that will result in happier employees & improved results.

Following the recruitment & onboarding of new employees’, further consideration must then be given to training, as this is one area that tends to be poorly executed with *56% of new employees not receiving full training, or having a sufficient induction. To discover & understand these challenges & more, request a copy of Raw Talent’s latest Whitepaper:

Why growing your own talent is a sustainable recruitment model  

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Passionate about challenging the norms of recruitment with the strong held belief that hiring off a CV is wrong, our recruitment is based around abilities, behaviours and competencies to get the best fit and investment for our partners.