Following a successful onboarding experience the talent of new recruits must be effectively supported & developed throughout their career which requires training.

Training plays a massive part within a successful ‘grow your own talent’ strategy & mustn’t be overlooked.  An initial acknowledgement of how individuals learn is key to achieving positive training outcomes that help the trainee understand the business value created from the products or services provided (or the priorities or problems that they address). 

Training also needs to be reinforced for maximum results, together with ongoing personal development, feedback, encouragement & support that is relevant to them – the success of which rests with line managers.

Line managers require an understanding of how to coach their team. Coaching models, such as Charles Green’s G.R.O.W. help understand how to apply learnings that make for effective team development. And, with an appreciation of Jennings’ 70/20/10 learning framework, the line manager can also understand their role in supporting an individual’s learning & development by reinforcing this through the day job.

For a lasting ‘grow your own talent’ strategy that delivers long-term benefits the skills of the line manager are vital to achieving a successful & cohesive solution. The SalesGym 360 Sales Training Circuit programme offered by Raw Talent addresses the points discussed here & is deliberately designed with ‘grow your own talent’ in mind, to provide organisations with a full & rounded learning experience that equips line managers with the skills to manage their teams.

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