Your network is valuable!

But are you maximising that value?

Whether you are a school leaver, graduate, leaving your first job or looking for a change of career we've put together some hints and tips about growing your network on LinkedIn.

  1. Follow LinkedIn's own guidance on completing your profile. Add employment history, education, causes you care about.

  2. Make sure you pick a clear profile photo. Let your picture and background photo get YOUR personality across! Professional doesn't mean boring!

  3. Add your LinkedIn profile link to your contact details on your personal or work email signature

  4. Download the LinkedIn app and connect it with your phone contacts, sign in using your personal email, spend 10 minutes a week looking at who you have emailed and connect with them - iOS or Android

  5. Share your LinkedIn profile on other social channels – encourage friends/family to connect. You'll be surprised how family friends and acquaintances work in similar industries or companies. 

  6. Search for and join relevant groups. Make sure you don't just join a group and never look at it again. LinkedIn, like any Social Media is all about engagement! Ask for advice, comment on other posts, share your ideas or views... ENGAGE!

  7. Share at least one update a day on your specialist area – The update can be something in the news, a good blog or even quote (be creative!)

  8. Comment, like and engage with other people's updates – family, friends, people you went to school with, former and current colleagues

  9. Follow/Connect with influential users to engage with their content – if you are into Marketing check out Mark Ritson or Gary Vaynerchuk. For business try Richard Branson or Jessica Alba.

  10. Looking for a new job? Head over to the 'Jobs' section in the toolbar and update your career interests. Here you can also flick a switch to let Recruiters know you are actively looking for a new job. Or turn it off when you are happy!

  11. Finally, check the People you Know feature at least once a week! You'll be surprised who pops up and how they might just be able to help you with a career move, sale or just provide some advice.

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