Candidate Rejecting an Offer?

You won't be the only one!

The job market has been firmly in favour of the candidate for a while now, and with 2017 graduates now entering the market, that isn’t going to change anytime soon.

This isn't a new problem. If anything is has become worse over the last 18 months. All the way back in January 2016 there were numerous reports including in The Independent and The Metro about graduate and entry level candidates turning down roles as they picked between multiple offers.

Back in mid-2016, we adjusted our Academy process to shorten the amount of time from going to market searching for candidates and the date of the Audition Day. As 2017 has progressed we have continued to shorten the time while ensuring candidate quality and quantity meets our high standards. Our recruiters are often speaking to candidates with 3 or 4 interviews in a day, let alone across the week!

We can’t take all the credit, our clients brand and reputations act as extremely important pull factors but we also feel our unique process plays an equally as important role.

As soon as we launch a project we aim to build an attraction to the client and a desire in the candidate to work for them. On our website we create microsites for our clients, being completely open and transparent about who the role is with. This is a huge differentiator for candidates.

When profiling our clients, we also bring down our marketing team so they can understand the role, culture and benefits. This helps them when marketing the job opportunity. Our marketing team also create bespoke ‘Work for’ videos interviewing employees and providing candidates with an ability to experience the office.

If you would like to find out more about our process and how we can help you to improve your offer acceptance rate, please contact us to arrange a coffee!