After announcing the appointment of a Board of Directors last week and the relocation of the office, Raw Talent has now unveiled a new website.

According to Raw Talent Managing Director Lee McQueen, the website is “the latest step in a restructure that sees the organisation investing to ensure the organisation is in the best place possible when recruiting sales talent for our clients. A large focus of the new website was on making our microsites even more engaging for candidates. We've always been different to our competitors, being completely open with who our clients are.

"Candidates want to know who they are applying to and who they will be working for. Our microsites are full of key information, pictures and videos that help to establish a real desire in candidates to work for an organisation.

"We also have some exciting news coming very soon around our sales training."

McQueen also commented on the Board of Directors who were revealed last week; “We’ve been working with the board for a little while before announcing and I am extremely excited about the changes we are putting in place. Our Academy solution can be tailored even more meaning we can work with a wider range of clients.”