So you want to get into media. Find out who the best media companies are to work for and why.

Raw Talent Academy, specialists in sales recruitment and training, spend a lot of time working with media companies so we thought we would take a look at the best places to work according to Glassdoor.

Glassdoor ratings are based on employee reviews where employees can publicly air their opinions on the organisations they work for and many do. But in putting their profiles up, employers risk their reputations on the platform so there is a lot to be admired in the companies that do and in those that achieve a higher than average score.

We’re currently working with MediaCom in this capacity and that’s driving our focus on sales talent in media companies. Sales talent is still considered to be the primary driver of sales performance by 40% of organisations so its worth checking that you’re doing all the right things to retain and reward the best

Our list below is not a definitive list, but the media companies we’ve highlighted are not afraid of what their employees say about them, so that has to be a positive thing. And it’s paying off for them in spades because these companies are getting some great feedback.  

Why are these companies achieving higher scores on Glassdoor than any other?

The average media company employs more sales people than most other industry types so how do they ensure that their people are happy with their work environment given that sales is target driven and potentially more stressful than other occupations.

The top media companies below are clearly working hard at their scores, but it is testament to having an engaged employee. Employee engagement is a workplace approach to building favourable conditions for all workers with the end result in employees being happier, more committed and motivated to achieving organisational goals. It’s not a one-way street, the employee also gains a sense of achievement and feels success in the organisations that get this right. And these employees are not having to crowbar the door down for these rewards.

So Raw Talent Academy congratulates the top media companies who have achieved scores over and above the average of 3.2 because according to Glassdoor these media companies are performing above the norm on their working conditions.

Here’s the list and what current and past employees say about them.


“Fun place to work"

Channel 4 ­

“Brilliant place to work with great leaders"


“Nice experience. Excellent commission scheme, nice team”

The Chelsea Magazine Company

“Good Work Ethic, Fantastic Financial Rewards"


"Great company culture. The employees are great too."


"Great Company, Great Experience, Amazing"

The Guardian Media Group

“Great place to work. Flexible working hours, lots of training available”

Financial Times

"Creative and positive culture with some chaos"

Trinity Mirror

"Great Company"


“Great Place to Work”


“Loved my time there!”


“Rewards for hard work”

Penguin Random House

“Great working environment"

Economist Group

“Can't fault it! Great people and nice comfortable offices


“Very nice work colleagues"

Immediate Media

“Brilliant company to work for”


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