The University of Life…

Hire those who have travelled

When looking to hire your next sales or recruitment champion you would do well to take a look at individuals who have taken the chance to travel and live abroad – either as a gap year with University or for other reasons.

At Raw Talent, Directors and Managers we speak to on a daily basis seem to find something appealing about the life skills travelling and living abroad in another culture brings. For some people who have travelled, they took a risk in leaving a comfortable life with friends, family and support networks to experience the world. That exposure to other ways of working, social customs and attitudes allow some individuals to really think creatively and with passion. Other may have witnessed parts of the world less developed, allowing a deeper appreciation for the opportunities available to them in the UK.

Shared Characteristics

Taking a gap year or choosing to live and work abroad shows a desire to explore, learn and often a willingness to take a risk. Gap years are no longer the preserve of the wealthy; you are more likely to find someone who has shown dedication, focus and self-restraint (we all know how hard turning down a night with friends can be) to save up enough money to fulfil a dream.

For those who accept an offer to work abroad or have just got on a flight without a job the other end, it’s likely they will have saved and taken a calculated risk in the hope of a rewarding experience in another part of the world. There is something of an entrepreneurial, risk-taking, do it alone attitude to moving abroad – especially if the person is heading off alone instead of with a best friend.

These character traits and behaviours are also those employers seek, especially for those in sales roles. Being dedicated and focused on achieving a goal, whether that is signing terms or reaching enough money to pay for the flights. Overcoming any challenges or setbacks, maybe a deal lost to a competitor or an expensive repair bill for a car.

For those who aim to perfect a second language, these skills can translate to an advantage in the job market few can match when it comes to being bi-lingual. They return from their travels not just with a classroom taught language but one practised on the streets of their chosen city, be it Paris, Budapest or Sydney.

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