Organisations that invest time & resources in the development of a ‘grow your own talent’ strategy achieve success through complete management buy-in & by underpinning the strategy using 3 core pillars – Recruitment, Onboarding & Development.

Pillar 1: Recruitment
As Harvard Business School put it, when it comes to recruiting new talent best practice is to ‘Hire for attitude& train for skill.’ Assuming this to be true, any ‘grow your own talent’ strategy must include a robust way to source & assess candidates with the best attitude. 

Sourcing – one way to source new candidates is through specialist recruitment firms, such as Raw Talent Academy. Alternatively, this could be undertaken in-house by leveraging online job boards.

Assessing - equally as important to the sourcing phase is the assessment phase. Once again, specialist recruiter, Raw Talent  has an industry leading assessment tool – SiD- that intelligently aligns to your organisation to find the most suitable candidates.

If you choose to assess in-house, a professionally developed & verified assessment programme is recommended for the range of assessment activities & questions required to ensure the individual possess the correct behaviours & competencies. 

Pillar 2: Onboarding
The onboarding experience is critical in creating the right first impression for all new employees.  For this to be successful, buy-in from across the organisation, including senior management is required.

A great onboarding experience includes the following:

- The physical environment – is it engaging & in-line with, or better than expected?

- The people (at all levels) – are they friendly, welcoming & in-line with, or better than, expected

- The processes – are they logical, efficient & easy to follow?

- The technology – young people expect to have access to the best technology as they are used to collaborating & communicating on digital platform

- The training – is it comprehensive & in-line with, or better than expected?

- The goals – are they clear, achievable & able to be met?

- The feedback – is it structured, forthcoming, & able to be acted upon?

By thinking of the onboarding process as an experience it opens a wider & more comprehensive discussion, that will ultimately lead to a much better & engaging onboarding programme, which in turn makes for happier employees & improved business results.

Pillar 3: Ongoing development - the role of the line manager
The third pillar builds on the onboarding phase by focusing on the effective & ongoing support of the individual employee to recognise:

- how they learn
- how they require feedback
- relevant encouragement & support  

Each employee must be treated as an individual & provided with direction from their line manager, so ensuring line managers are equipped to fulfil this requirement in their role is a necessity. Using models such as G.R.O.W. & the 70/20/10 learning framework helps line managers become more effective at developing their teams. 

The important thing is to leave nothing to chance. To find out more on the 3 core pillars for a successful ‘grow your own talent’ strategy request a copy of Raw Talent’s latest Whitepaper:

Why growing your own talent is a sustainable recruitment model  

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